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Fall 2020 – Small Grants/Big Impact
In the scheme of things, a grant of $1,000 or below is small. But sometimes, like a pebble’s ripple effect through water, its impact can be mighty.
During times like these, we need our parks more than ever. Given COVID self-quarantine, our use of trails and open areas of parks has increased dramatically. In addition to increased visitation, parks face challenges from a changing climate and diminished budgets.
Consequently, your park resources and staff are being strained to the breaking point – a Small Grant can provide vital support. Whether you contribute $10 or $1,000 to our Small Grants Program, your dollars will support Conservation & Education activities in 2020/2021.
Our goal is to protect and enhance the conservation or recreation value of Maryland’s State Parks, and to inspire the public to adopt conservation stewardship ethics.
Our goal is to create opportunities for hands-on experimentation and minds-on reflection in our state parks. Place-based learning places students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities, and experiences, and uses these as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and other subjects across the curriculum.