Friends of Maryland State Forests and Parks, Inc.
Dedicated to preserving, protecting, improving and expanding our Maryland State Parks.
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How to Order Friends of Maryland State Parks License Plate

  1. Complete Form VR-124 (07-11) (PDF).
  2. Write a check for $25 to ‘MVA’ for the Friends Organizational License Plate.
  3. Mail or take the completed Form and ‘MVA’ check to the MVA. Note: if you go to MVA in person, there is a desk for organizational plates. We’ve been told, the process and wait is less.
  4. If you want to have the Form VR-124 sent to your mailing address, provide that information through Contact Us
  5. You are now a member of the Friends and will receive a monthly E-newsletter if you provide an email address; if you have any Questions about this procedure, Contact Us
  6. If replacing existing Plates w/ this Friends of MD Parks Plate, those replaced Plates must be returned to an MVA office.
  7. Thank You.