Friends of Maryland State Forests and Parks, Inc.
Dedicated to preserving, protecting, improving and expanding our Maryland State Parks.
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The Friends of Maryland State Parks’ (FOMSP) philosophy on why our state parks are important focuses on seven points:

  1. State Parks are important to our state’s economy. (VISIT YOUR STATE PARKS OFTEN!)
  2. Public Safety in our state parks is a top priority and should not be taken for granted. (IF YOU SEE SOMETHING WRONG, REPORT IT!)
  3. Maintaining our beautiful parks is our responsibility. (VOLUNTEER FOR CLEAN UP PROJECTS!)
  4. We have the best park professionals working in our state parks. (SAY THANK YOU WHEN YOU SEE THEM!)
  5. State Parks must be strategically funded and its everyone’s responsibility to get involved. (CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR AND TELL THEM YOU CARE!)
  6. State Parks cannot be protected without adequate full time professional staff (SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL STATE PARK!)
  7. State Parks must be valued as a strategic investment and will depend upon support from YOU. (BECOME A MEMBER and KEEP INFORMED!)

The reports attached provide data that supports the importance of state parks to Maryland. If you have any questions about the information in these reports, please send us an e-mail.