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2018 Earth Day Non-Event Fact Sheet

What is a non-event fundraiser?

A non-event fundraiser is a program that follows the same steps as an actual fundraising event (Gala, Auction, etc) except there is no actual live event. The concept is that instead of spending money on attending an event (ticket for dinner, formal dress, baby sitter, and gas) the participant donates the savings to the organization.  This event will serve as the Friends of Maryland State Parks annual fundraising program.


Monday April 22nd – Earth Day


There are three ways you can show your support for Maryland State Parks:

  1. Personal Invitation to participate or via website. Send us an email letting us know that you would like a personal invite.
  2. Signup via PayPal.
  3. Mail a check to:
    Friends of Maryland State Parks
    619 Snow Goose Ln
    Annapolis, MD 21409


The Friends of Maryland State Parks is conducting an Earth Day Non-Event to provide support for Maryland State Parks. We are looking for friends and supporters of the Friends’ mission and vision. We are an all volunteer organization!

Vision: Our Vision is to be the primary catalyst across the state in raising the awareness and appreciation of the “quality of life” benefits associated with the protection, preservation, improvement, and expansion of our Maryland State Parks for current and future generations.

Mission: We will accomplish this Vision by developing a constituency of citizens and elected representatives and officials who believe in the advocacy and support of our Maryland State Parks.

Our Programs

  1. Promote more recreational opportunities in state parks.
  2. Protect more state park land
  3. Preserve cultural and historical resources in our state parks.
  4. Connect people to the outdoors and state parks.
  5. Inspire Marylanders to take care of our state parks
  6. Enhance the visitor experience in our state parks.

All donations are tax deductible: Federal Tax ID # 52-2049562

PayPal Signup

Select your level of support:

$10.00 — Not preparing a food item to bring
$25.00 — Not buying a ticket to a live event
$50.00 — Not hiring a babysitter
$100.00 — Not bidding at silent auction
$$$$$$ — Other (any donation will support our state parks)